Thursday, 13 February 2014

Story of Two Strangers

Story continued from Part 1 The First Sight, Part 2 After Two days... ,  Part 3 Next Week... ,  Part 4 And the Game continues.. and Part 5 The Charm...

The Admittance,

I am restless today. My back pack looks heavier suddenly. The weight my thoughts, my feelings, & my questions about this emotion between Swayam & me, is lying on that piece of paper in my bag. And it’s in Spanish. Although my friends told, that its very good compared for a beginner, & they also made some grammatical corrections, I feel very much uneasy on the idea of letting him read this. At least if he would laugh, then the humiliation would be mine alone, as I didn’t told any of my friends that I am secretly meeting Swayam after school , and this poem is for him.

We take a seat. He is chatting & I am animatedly replying, “whether to tell him or not”, my mind is buzzing with the question & I can’t breathe... “I have written something in Spanish” I blurted at last. He got surprised & then saw a rolled paper in my hand. Composing himself he asked, “I want to read this”. I give him the paper, which contained all my feelings for him, and watch as his reaction on reading this will decide my fate. My first Poem in the language I don’t know...

El que tiene el brillo de la luz solar
¿Quién es el que tiene los ojos como un sueño
A veces me encuentra, a veces me habla,
Mira fijamente desde la distancia y sonrisas
¿Quién tiene esa sonrisa encantadora

(The one with the sparkle of sunlight,
Who is the one having the eyes like a dream?
Sometimes he meets me, sometimes talks to me,
Stares from the distance & smiles,
Who has this charming smile?)

 As he reads the phrase of my admittance of Love to him, I dread that what he will tell about this. He brushes his hair with his hand, (he does that whenever he is deciding something, I have noticed that too). His smile and his next words on finishing save me from a cardiac arrest. “ Mat lab jante ho kya likha hai, aaj se yeh poem meri” I rejoice and feel that even if I get to spend eternity for him, it would be less.

O God, could I ever need anything more?

(Complete As of Now)


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