Friday, 20 March 2015

I hold the time, Spent with you

Dear Love,

Getting married to you was my biggest dream come true. I always wanted to be your bride. This was the dream I cherished and nurtured on the possibility of being with you every moment of the day. And at last it came true.

We got married and I started relishing our moments together. Our move into new city, freed us from family responsibilities and gave us opportunity of behaving like love birds. We moved into a rented home and started our life in the new city together.

But something was missing; there was a dark hole in the bliss. The love birds carved for the Love nest. The Love nest, where there is no burden of living in someone else’s home. The place where we could always find our Love corners without justifying about it to anyone else. We lacked a relationship with our rented home. I could not accept that I cannot make any changes at the place I live. I wanted to create a heaven for you, and permissions from house owners stopped me from it. And I hated this helplessness.

And you my Love, like always, understood my unspoken words. May be you were also yearning for a place, which we could call “Our Home” and you made it sure I got this one. And you made it possible with

Though we got it on Loan, but still it is our “Home”, the place where we can feel morning sunshine, and enjoy a cup of tea together. Our abode, where we can always dance and sing together, away from prying eyes of others -   The companion, which will grow old with us.  The place, which will stay with us, without worrying about when we have to vacate it.  The heaven which we customized as per our need and didn’t ask anyone for permission about it. My home where you feel, I am safe even without you- Our love nest which we will leave for our children. Though we will pay the EMIS, but we got bliss together in our home

Love, you gave me my Home and my yearning for relationship with the place I live ended. .  I feel Safe that I am living in my home and nobody can question my decision about it. I enjoy the privacy we get and feel happy that our children will always live in their home. Whether you are at home or not, your presence is felt in every wall of my home, and my love I can feel you smiling with meAll the time I spent at our home, is   actually the time I spent with you. And I want to hold it forever.

May this three some stays forever.

Your’s only,


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  1. I wish i also get to live in my own home someday. Being in Consulting, i think i might keep on traveling.

    Good luck with three some :)