Sunday, 20 May 2018


Stones and diamonds made alike,
All are blessings of one light,
Tears of joy and tears of despair,
All held alike by him,
Somewhere a seedling sprouts,
Somewhere a kingdom collapses,
All too precious by the maker,
Some one loved, Someone pitied,
All are but creations of one soil,
In eyes of the Lord we all are one,
The gold, the silver, the sawdust, the sun,
The heart of the blessed or the land of the moon,
Blessed is thee and blessed is you,
All children created for one foredoom….

~ Bhavna Notani

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


The one I keep safe from you,
Is not a mere “Diary” my love,
The one that I am obsessed about,
Is not just piece of paper hardbound.
It keeps safe how I felt, first time
When I saw your radiant face,
It knows how anxious I was,
When you told me your name,
It can tell how happy I was on our first date,
All that nervousness and Joy when we met,
It feels exactly how I felt our first kiss,
It remembers how we spent our evenings on streets,
It knows still I skip my heart beats,
When I see your face,
It also knows, how soothing,
Your voice sounds to my head,
It longs with me always when you are away,
It is the secret keeper to plan your birthdays,
My buddy just can tell how much I love our holidays
My friend can tell you out if you forget any important day..
So darling don't get angry if I keep it safe from you,
Coz it is a mirror that reflects my feelings for you,
Someday I may have courage to share the things with you,
Till then don't call it a mere “Diary” my love…
Coz it will be one day a memoir of our love….

~ Bhavna Notani

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Musings of Soul....

I wish I could be the air,
Which could caress your tears…
I wish I could be the sound,
Which you always listen when down,
I have always wanted to be the silence,
That consumes you within,
O my love, I just want to be anything,
That is close to you in your grief,
I beg you don't shut down,
Your silence will kill me someday,
I wish you could talk to me,
And never keep me away…

~ Bhavna Notani