Friday, 7 February 2014

Story of Two Strangers

Story continued from Part 1 The First Sight, Part 2 After Two days... ,  Part 3 Next Week... and Part 4 And the Game continues..

The Charm...

I threw another dress in pile. I am getting late, and I don’t know what I am going to wear. Mom came & saw the long pile of rejected dresses, & I know she is thinking I have gone mad. Till date I have never bothered think about what to wear, but today is special. We have a uniform free day today and I want to dress up, hell I want to dress up for Swayam. Somewhere my heart says that he might be also thinking the same & anticipating how I look in normal (read non hideous) clothes. And I don’t want to disappoint him today.

I rushed to reach school on time, feeling all the eyes on me. Yeah it works, my efforts have not gone in vain, and I could sense & hear every hush from the boys as I was passing taking the floors for my Biology lab upstairs. As soon as I reached third floor & saw him, I know all my efforts were fruitless. He looked breathtakingly beautiful and I could never ever match his charm. I never thought that any person could be so appeasing on sight. His smile told me, that he appreciated my efforts and I became lost in the moment forgetting everything except two of us. And the instant I knew, I would do anything to meet him at the end of school, and have our weird chat later. Pray God, our classes end at the same time.

The day was long, and as the school ended my eyes started searching him. I couldn’t find him anywhere, and disappointed I went to platform to take my bus. I was standing there alone, all buses went away, but I don’t know why my heart was stopping me to board any. Why I was waiting for him, when I knew he was still in his class. And then the sensation pulled me & I looked up to see him crossing the road to join me. What is it, the strange sensation that tells me, that he is nearby, when I feel is presence before I see him? I don’t know the name of these alien emotions.

Silently we took the bus, & I sat next to him “Aaj to heroine lag rahe ho”, his words broke the trance & I realized I was just gazing him. I smiled, and he added, “I like the dress very much, and you look very good in it.” I shyly replied, “You are also looking very good, and this color, it suits very much on you”. We were talking & then I realized that it was not possible for him to be here. “Hey, how you are here, you still had two classes today” I demanded. “I bunked them, wanted to talk to you” he casually stated Bunk...huh...Suddenly I was scared for him, in my disciplined life, I never thought of bunking any class but don’t know why his little indiscipline looked so cute. “So which classes you missed?” “Maths & Spanish” he answered. “Maths class post lunch is sleepy anyways, So I don’t feel sorry for that, but Spanish, I can’t Say. I have opted for French” I casually remarked. He made a horrified face & told, “You haven’t opted for Spanish, you don’t know how many people learn this language these days & I personally love it very much”. Though I knew not learning Spanish is not crime, I suddenly felt guilty that I am not learning something which he likes, “Oh, Actually I had taken Spanish in my junior class along with French, So I know the basics of the language, it’s  just too little”  “Hey, I was just teasing you, don’t take it seriously, but I would like it very much, if you do learn a little more” He replied.

And the Instant I knew, my stupid heart won’t allow me to sleep till I open my Jr. Spanish books tonight, and I would be restless till I phrase my feelings in the language he loves.

Continued as The Admittance....

- Bhavna