Monday, 3 February 2014

Story of Two Strangers

Story continued from Part 1 The First Sight and Part 2 After Two days...

Next Week…

I won’t stare back….I won’t stare back….

I kept on chanting the mantra again… Don’t ask me how it helped…. Don’t even ask me how many times I slipped. Why I ever left S.V??  Life was so uncomplicated then…no long journey, no Physics and no strange oglers and no failed attempt to stop myself from ogling the oglers.

I won’t stare back….I won’t stare back…. I geared up myself again, & reached the bus platform, & he was there..and he stares again… I won’t stare back….I won’t stare back….

The bus comes…. It’s not the one from my pass book, but its definitely the one on his!!! (I have also done a little noticing this time…)

I won’t stare back….I won’t stare back….

The bus goes… Ah… relieved now, I relaxed my fists…now I can look around..And he is still here…Why? Where are his rest of groupies…Jane do.. I don’t care.

I won’t stare back….I won’t look back….

Another bus comes….the one on his list again, I stare back…He brushes his hair with his hands and smiles back..The bus stops, he sees me and doesn't board the bus??? I stare back again, he smiles as if he is waiting for me to take the bus first… Holy Shit….I need a greater motivation to stay away from him now….

Don’t remember how much time has stuck, I have lost the count of the buses he didn’t board. I am tired.. Very tired of this annoying day.. This silly games of ours.. I wish my BFF Sweetu was here who could guide me on how to handle him.

At last I got the one… And this time I behaved and didn’t looked back to see whether he is in same bus or still stranded on the platform!!!!

I reached my stop, slight smug, on the little victory of mine over him. I was carelessly crossing the road to reach the next platform, unknown to the fact that the next words are going to change my life forever…

“Sab aarhe tahere numbers likhe hain kya?”

I jumped hearing these words, and turned around to see him smugly asking me what kind of bus numbers I have on my pass book.. “Immmh..han kuch aise hi, jo numbers likhe hain, Shayad wo bus ab aati nahin” I replied sounding slight confused.  “But what about you, why u didn’t boarded any of your bus” I asked him atlast, looking anywhere but him.

He looked into my eyes and replied, “Because I wanted to talk to you”.

He is bolder than I thought…it would be difficult to avoid him… Ah Hell…

“Wanted to talk with me? Oh..Why?” I asked him. “Just aise hi…hey, what’s your name?”He counter asked.

“Nishika… Nishika Sachdev, and you?” “Swayam… Swayam lulla”…Oh we hailed from the same place…

“U live at MG road?”

“Yes, and you?”

“OP road”

And this is how it started... Our first Conversation…My first talk with strange ogler…And still I don’t know, why I answered him that day…Why I didn’t confront him that day…Why I replied his queries shyly and encouraged him that day…I felt that I met someone familiar in the crowd of strangers, Not knowing Destiny was making a very big move for me.

- Bhavna

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