Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Story of Two Strangers

Story continued from Part 1 The First Sight, Part 2 After Two days... and Part 3 Next Week...

And the Game continues..

Trin….. The bell rang marking the end of the class, commencing the 5 min short break before the next class. And I geared myself for facing him. I know Swayam will pass from his class to the water room, I know while crossing my class he will glance at my side from the lobby and pass a smile in my direction, I also admit that I will smile back. The routine has started from the day we had our first talk. My brain is shouting at its peak to stop this game. But there is something in him who draws me towards him and my heart is relenting to this weird fascination.

I hurried at the end of school to catch the bus, and alas I saw him ALONE, waiting at the platform. And my mind performed a silent joy of the victory. On one side I wanted to run and talk to him, to know more about him, and on another I just wanted to scream and run in opposite direction. What if he knows that I turn pink whenever I see him, what if he listens that my heart beat has gone faster and it feels it will come out anytime. What if he knows that I have replayed our first and only conversation innumerable times in mind? I won be able to suffer the embarrassment of letting him know my feelings.  I hurried to take the bus, and saw him take the seat ALONE again, I controlled myself, walked past him and took an empty seat beside window.

I was distracting myself with the landscape, trying to regularize my heartbeats, when he joined me. His uniquely familiar scent hit me first. Is that the cologne boys use, or is it just another thing special about him?

“Why didn’t you sit with me?” he asked. So straight. I tried to find my voice and replied, “aise hi”. Hope he doesn’t sees how hard is for me to give rational reply when he is nearby.

He smiled his million watt smile, and started his interrogation again. Till we reached our destination, I was sure he knows more about me in the two meetings than anybody rest in this school since past month. I also have got so much information about this weird boy, that anybody can mistake us for long lost friends. Nishika is falling for a big trouble now.

Continued as The Charm...

- Bhavna

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