Friday, 31 January 2014

Story of Two Strangers

Story Continued from Part 1 The First Sight

2. After two days….

Aha he stares again…the ogler, the idiot stranger; my mind ran out of the curses for him. Thank God we don’t share the class. The first thing I did when I confirmed my suspicions for the stranger was to know whether he was my class mate or not, and bless the heavens I saw him taking the next. And yet he never missed any opportunity to gaze me – his object of interest. Don’t know why he keeps on doing this..on the bus platform, in the bus, before the classes, in between the short break of the classes..his gaze doesn’t leaves me anywhere alone…Don’t know what he intends to get from this… And don’t know why I am getting curious to know whether he is watching again or not.. Don’t know why I am staring back…Hell I don’t know his name even, and I am warning myself not to watch him…Mumma is definitely going to kill me if she knows this…Ah I am going to fail in Physics if I don’t stop thinking about him & concentrate in the next class..

Continued as Next Week...

- Bhavna

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