Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Story of Two Strangers

1. The First Sight

Missed the damn bus again. I took the bus pass book again to see the number of the bus I have to board. It’s frustrating to remember these now. I miss my S.V so much now, all these years I took the same bus to S.V & came back, in span of 15 mins. And now, it takes almost two hours to reach this new school and I have to remember the numbers of all those buses I have to change, and the routes and pick and drop points. The journey exhausts me so much that I felt asleep on the bus yesterday and missed my drop point. And all this for what? A new School, higher studies, Science classes. Wish S.V had all that, and then I would have been with my old friends & teachers and wouldn’t be struggling here. I was going through my mental babble when I first saw him, the tall, fair -lean one in the group of boys from this new school. These were the same group who takes bus from the same platform. It’s almost a month now, I have seen my fellow school mates on this platform but this boy struck me. He was and busy chatting with his friends, but what struck me were his eyes and its object of fascination- me. It looked like…like he was staring me. No, not possible- it must be my imagination. Ah the bus came, not the one on my pass book again....As I was cursing the numbers I had selected, the group boarded the bus and went away along with the Mr. Mysterious Stranger ogling boy…

Continued as After Two Days...

- Bhavna

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