Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I live in this world, b’coz I share it with you…

It is said life is beautiful with a partner to share with it. I didn’t know the deepest meaning of these golden words before I met you. You my love are the reason, I survive in this world.

Living with you is not easy. Every day comes with a new challenge. But when I see you smiling on efforts made by me, I realise it’s worth the pain. I have got a play multiple roles with you. I have to become your lover, wife, mother, friend, colleague, child etc. Sometimes it takes toll on my individual identity. But when in return I see you take the role of a father, lover, husband, child for me, I feel the depth of your love for me.

I take care of you as my baby, and when as my child you come in my lap, and fall into a soothing sleep, it’s worth lying awake for you for hours. When I fight with you, for the stupidest things like TV remote or colour of cushions, your poker face makes up for everything I have to surrender. We may not agree on the same things and have same choices, but I know, there would never be any disrespect of individual preference amongst us.

Love I know, you want to give the best of all worlds to me. I may not have every luxury of life right now, but I feel happy we are building a world of our own together. I love our shared pains, we take together. Our togetherness is what that inspires me to move ahead always.

I may not have large palaces to scream our wealth, but our first home together, is more like a love nest. We may not be taking exotic vacations around the world but our bike rides bring us more together. Our work commitments may bar us from spending time with each other, but your simple message, makes me know how much you miss me. I don’t miss the diamonds, because your presence in my life is more valuable than any wealth of the world.

Love is what keeps us going. You have changed a lot for me and I have altered myself a lot for you. And that commitment to keep each other always happy has helped us achieve that. If there are hundred compromises that I have to make in our relationship, I will happily make that as the love I will receive in return would be worth all the compromises. If there is a road of darkness ahead of us, my love you are my shining star. Your love is the strength that keeps me positive in our life, that makes our life worth living.

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