Friday, 23 November 2012

Forbidden Love...

Heart wants, what it can't have. And the Love being the most diligent emotion of it, always desires the one's that are Forbidden. Its the greatest irony of human nature, we love to receive the pain, leaving the brain and heart to take paradoxical stances. This one is dedicated to those who have loved what they can't have, who have suffered the hollowness of being alone & living without the hope of having their heart's desire :-

Love of you will only cause pain,
But the heart only desires the Forbidden Love;
The one who survives on the plinth of the hate,
Will only die a hasty death,
But hope being the plank in the sea,
Will keep on living the soulless life,
Keep my life, If it makes you bright,
Keep also the soul, as it means no more,
As the heart has died with the Forbidden Love;

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